Oh how we all love the middle of the week….

Hey guys,

Soooo I haven’t been playing guitar as often as wanted 🙁 I’ve been too busy being a nerd since midterms are here to stay for a while! Oh, and going to prac attack of course 🙂 I mean running practice, which I just started running again today since I’ve been injured for like 33476698097657643213475697 days now….

Chris is being lame and going to Florida so no official band practice this week, but we’ve sort of kind of got the new song together for our show next Thursday at UCI (Go Anteaters! ZotZotZot!) Yeah annnd… I’ve been building up my winter blubber with Samoas 🙂 There’s nothing better than some quality Girl Scout Cookies….mmmm….

Peace out Cub/GirlScouts!


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  •   Frank says...

    Your blog is great … carry on the work!

  •   sandy says...

    thin mints all the way!!

  •   Josh says...

    I hope I win the Paramore contest!

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