November Featured Artist: Evanescence

Yes, I do realize Evanescence is from the 90’s (known albums in the 2000’s), but who doesn’t love the 90’s??? I still love their song “My Immortal.” The band is still listed as a top 5 choice of female-lead bands on a number of lists. Their newest album “Evanescence,” was released in late 2011 and the band has been touring since.

Don’t forget to check out Evanescence’s newest album. The song, “My Heart is Broken,” was played on the radio back in October 2011 so you may recognize it. As of now, Evanescence can mainly be seen playing in Europe and other countries, leaving United States fans just that brief stint from July to September to see Evanescence (which is long gone now). The band will be reportedly taking another break.

Fun fact: Did you know that Ben Moody, the former lead guitarist, had originally wrote My Immortal? Amy Lee, the lead singer, helped him edit it though. The song is what made the producer at their (then) record label want to sign them. Told you it was a great song 🙂

On another note, while Evanescence fell off the music train for a while there, Flyleaf emerged. What do you think about Flyleaf’s sound in comparison to Evanescence?

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