One Direction

One Direction

Yes, I know I am entirely too old to be in love with these teenie boppers butttt….I’m sure you’ve heard their song “What Makes You Beautiful”??? You haven’t?? Where have you been?  Okay I know they are from Britain… but that really is no excuse.. They’re like a rejuvenation of the wholesome boy bands of the 90s… take a look!  I can’t help but be a fan of music-type groups who resemble the ones I grew up with!!!

So maybe the haircuts are a little different and the boys in the top picture have a few years on the teens in the bottom picture, but all I see is boy band goodness!
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List of Top Alternative Rock Bands

In no specific order, I have a list of the top alternative rock bands that you should check out. If you have any suggestions please leave your comment below as I do update this post.

30 Seconds to Mars
12 Stones
Age of Chance
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JC Where Are You?

Word to all my peeps out there. Looking forward to a great week of drummer try-outs!

Oh and hold the phones … JC is almost done with our music video!!!

See you all at the end of the month at our groovy show.


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New T-Shirts Available From Almost Dawn

Last night Almost Dawn made a stencil to make 10 t-shirts for fans at their next show.  Be sure to get there early.  Supplies are very limited.

Almost Dawn T Shirt

Almost Dawn T Shirt

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