New Show This Weekend in Stanton, California

I know it’s been way too long since our last show. Well, we finally have a change to redeem ourselves this Saturday at St. Polycarp. There will be rides, food, beer and oh yes — Almost Dawn playing their heats out. Our set starts at 8:30 pm. The fair expects a few thousand guests and parking will be an issue. Show up early and show your support. We will have T-Shirts for anyone interested!

St Polycarp Chruch
8100 Chapman Ave, Stanton, CA
Major Cross Streets: Beach & Champman

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New Paramore Music

Has anyone heard Paramore’s new song “Monster?” My opinion, it sounds similar to the original Paramore. For those who didn’t hear Paramore separated and a few new members have been added.

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Shelley Visits The Maine

Hey AD Fans,

I know the posts have been lacking but I promise we are still making music. I managed to go to The Maine concert at the Anaheim House of Blues, in Cali of course, They were amazing to say the least. The crowd sang every single lyric of every single one of their songs (minus the new song they debuted their and the cover). It was a very upbeat environment filled with tons of dedicated fans. I saw them perform about a year ago and they have gotten a lot more popular since then. The place was packed. But what did I expect with two powerhouses such as The Maine and Augustana.

John O’Callaghan of The Maine was as interactive as ever with the crowd, and onlookers did not hesitate to throw things on stage for him and the other members. A lucky girl in the crowd even got to finish singing the lyrics to one of their songs! The Maine seemed pretty stoked with the reactions from the crowd, what with the entire ground level jumping and fist pumping through several songs (the upper levels were pretty interactive as well). They kept repeating how awesome that night was and how amazing the crowd was. I’d say all the attendees rocked it! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that I see some of you guys at the next show! Check ’em out, you won’t be disappointed 😉

The Maine owning the stage!!

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Weird Al Yankovic Adds New Lady Gaga Song

For all you Weird Al Yankovic and/or Lady Gaga fans this post is for you. “Weird Al Yankovic” has managed to write a new song. His new target, Lady Gaga. In this project he uses Gaga’s song “born This Way” and retitled it “Perform This Way.”

For those who have yet to see the video, Yankovic’s head is digitally added to a dancers body who resembles Lady Gaga. How well did Yankovic’s stunt work? Personally, I am not sure if anyone can make Laday Gaga look and act more wild than she already is.

Special Show Today At Anaheim Amphitheatre with Almost Dawn

Gearing up for a show at 4:15pm today. Almost Dawn will be playing at the Anaheim Amphitheatre to help raise funds for the victims of Japan. We hope to see you all there. Keep an eye out for video and pictures in our next post.


JC Where Are You?

Word to all my peeps out there. Looking forward to a great week of drummer try-outs!

Oh and hold the phones … JC is almost done with our music video!!!

See you all at the end of the month at our groovy show.


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Hopes And Dreams

With graduation possibly less than a year away, I’ve started to think about plans for the future. I have to decide between accounting and teaching (teaching= over another year of school….). With all of the stress of big decisions looming in the air it’s easy to escape the finality of it all by daydreaming, but ultimately you have to face reality at some point (better sooner than later). The quote, “Every opportunity in life has an expiration date” comes to mind. I take this quote in a way to mean that life is short so do everything you can with it. If there’s something you really want to do, do it now, don’t waste time and have regrets. I can’t seem to remember where I heard the quote, but it is always in the back of my mind when I think about what career I want to take on in the future. Ultimately, I will never get to do hundreds of the things I think about doing because our time in this world is limited. That is why the decision of what I want to do is so big for me.
Last post I talked about how amazing VersaEmerge was in the AP Tour. And I’ve thought about how lucky they are because no matter if they ever become mainstream popular like Paramore or not, at least they are doing what they dreamed of doing. So many people throw away what they truly want to do because of financial, parental, circumstantial issues that stand in their way. I’m not going to say that doing a career that brings financial security is not appealing especially since I’m considering one (accounting); however, why throw away what you love when you have an opportunity to do just that! I guess what I want to say is that every opportunity has an expiration date, so don’t wait too long to go after what you really want. We all have dreams. We all have chances.
Speaking of chances, Almost Dawn is going to talk to a guy from a record label this coming Thursday. Maybe we’I’m hoping for the best, but don’t want to be too upset if nothing comes from it. We had a mini practice sesh yesterday and our new song, timidly titled “Fights and Fates,” is currently in progress.


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AP Tour-Versaemerge

Hey guys!
I attended the AP Tour last night featuring: Conditions, VERSAEMERGE, I See Stars, D.R.U.G.S., and the Black Veil Brides. I only went to see Versaemerge but I heard a few of Conditions songs and they sounded pretty good! Versaemerge was AMAZING! They’re really good entertainers when they’re onstage. I would looove to open for them some day. They were at their merch table before they went on in case any of you out there are going to go see them 😉 Overall it was a fun night, check out some of the pictures (sorry they’re a little low quality I forgot my camera!):

She is an amazing performer! (Sierra of Versaemerge)

Plays the keyboards and guitar! (Blake of Versaemerge)

Sierra of Versaemerge

For Almost Dawn news, we’re still looking for a drummer, still working on the music video, and still working on a new song. In other words, we’re going through a process so bare with us 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be playing a show in a few weeks!


Almost Dawn Show at Taj Mahal

Almost Dawn Rock Band at Anaheim California gig
We wrapped up another great show last night in Anaheim.  The crowd was fun and I think it is safe to say that this is was our best show this far. The night concluded with a quick raffle where we gave out 5 free Almost Dawn T-shirts and 20 free demos.

This Thursday we will be jamming with a new drummer. We hope to be adding a new member soon.


Almost Dawn Alternative Rock Band

Songs and bands

I have to write a song on a cosmology topic and Chris is going to play the guitar and record it for my class… yes I know it’s extremely nerdy but that’s how it goes yo! Speaking of songs, did you ever notice that it’s 10 x easier to write a song when you’re mad then when you’re happy? Or is that just me? Maybe I’m exceptionally emo? haha.

In more important news, we are most likely giving out free gift cards or tickets at our next show this SATURDAY AT THE TAJ MAHAL EXPRESS IN ANAHEIM! FURTHER DETAILS ON ALMOSTDAWN.COM UNDER THE SHOW TAB! So if you come you might get a treat 🙂

Oh and band news: If you did not already know, Paramore lost two of its members (I was extremely sad). However, they have an EP Summer Tour album from the civic tour up for grabs if you’re a member of the site! Happy Winnings!

See you all Saturday!!!

<3 Shelley