Warped Tour 2012 (Irvine)

Hey Sunshine(s)!

We’ve been gone for a while, quite busy actually, but I wanted to update you on the band (obvi) and other events, as you can tell from the title. I attended the Warped tour this summer in Irvine and I loved the line up! I went to the San Diego location last year just to see Paramore, but there were a lot of screamo bands (which I’m not a big fan of or my band would be a screamo band… just sayin). Anyway, I went to Warped Tour and due to traffic I ended up missing Mayday Parade and All Time Low 🙁 big bummer I know…. but I did get to see these guys:

One of the biggest crowds (besides New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday)! People lovin’ We the Kings!

Hadn’t heard them till Warped Tour but lemme tell you those Brits are amazing!!!

The huge crowd for Four Years Strong at Warped Tour!!

I also saw a few other bands like Pierce the Veil, We Are the In Crowd, etc, etc.  It was uber fun and amazing and I can only dream to play on a Warped Tour stage one day!  Bringing us to band news…. Chris and I have begun working on his timing for recording so that we can hopefully have at least one song done by August for you guys!  Be patient please!!  Andddd…. Chino is going to be playing drums for our shows permanently (I think?) 🙂  So we’re kinda gettin set and I’m getting excited so you should be too!

On a different note, what do you guys think of us highlighting a band (not super famous) every month on our blog? Like the band of the month to help fellow artists get known?? Let us know in the comments! If you’re a band and you want us to feature you comment in the sections as well!!

Also, check out our original song here as well as our other videos!


Shelley + Almost Dawn


Oh I almost forgot! We have bumper stickers… which means you better come to our next show to get one 😉
Oh and I’m going to see Paramore on August 14th!!!! Who else got tickets?? I’ll post some pictures up of that too later!

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    I think that a new featured band every month would be cool.

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