Shelley Visits The Maine

Hey AD Fans,

I know the posts have been lacking but I promise we are still making music. I managed to go to The Maine concert at the Anaheim House of Blues, in Cali of course, They were amazing to say the least. The crowd sang every single lyric of every single one of their songs (minus the new song they debuted their and the cover). It was a very upbeat environment filled with tons of dedicated fans. I saw them perform about a year ago and they have gotten a lot more popular since then. The place was packed. But what did I expect with two powerhouses such as The Maine and Augustana.

John O’Callaghan of The Maine was as interactive as ever with the crowd, and onlookers did not hesitate to throw things on stage for him and the other members. A lucky girl in the crowd even got to finish singing the lyrics to one of their songs! The Maine seemed pretty stoked with the reactions from the crowd, what with the entire ground level jumping and fist pumping through several songs (the upper levels were pretty interactive as well). They kept repeating how awesome that night was and how amazing the crowd was. I’d say all the attendees rocked it! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that I see some of you guys at the next show! Check ’em out, you won’t be disappointed 😉

The Maine owning the stage!!

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Weird Al Yankovic Adds New Lady Gaga Song

For all you Weird Al Yankovic and/or Lady Gaga fans this post is for you. “Weird Al Yankovic” has managed to write a new song. His new target, Lady Gaga. In this project he uses Gaga’s song “born This Way” and retitled it “Perform This Way.”

For those who have yet to see the video, Yankovic’s head is digitally added to a dancers body who resembles Lady Gaga. How well did Yankovic’s stunt work? Personally, I am not sure if anyone can make Laday Gaga look and act more wild than she already is.

Special Show Today At Anaheim Amphitheatre with Almost Dawn

Gearing up for a show at 4:15pm today. Almost Dawn will be playing at the Anaheim Amphitheatre to help raise funds for the victims of Japan. We hope to see you all there. Keep an eye out for video and pictures in our next post.