Almost Dawn Show at Taj Mahal

Almost Dawn Rock Band at Anaheim California gig
We wrapped up another great show last night in Anaheim.  The crowd was fun and I think it is safe to say that this is was our best show this far. The night concluded with a quick raffle where we gave out 5 free Almost Dawn T-shirts and 20 free demos.

This Thursday we will be jamming with a new drummer. We hope to be adding a new member soon.


Almost Dawn Alternative Rock Band

Songs and bands

I have to write a song on a cosmology topic and Chris is going to play the guitar and record it for my class… yes I know it’s extremely nerdy but that’s how it goes yo! Speaking of songs, did you ever notice that it’s 10 x easier to write a song when you’re mad then when you’re happy? Or is that just me? Maybe I’m exceptionally emo? haha.

In more important news, we are most likely giving out free gift cards or tickets at our next show this SATURDAY AT THE TAJ MAHAL EXPRESS IN ANAHEIM! FURTHER DETAILS ON ALMOSTDAWN.COM UNDER THE SHOW TAB! So if you come you might get a treat 🙂

Oh and band news: If you did not already know, Paramore lost two of its members (I was extremely sad). However, they have an EP Summer Tour album from the civic tour up for grabs if you’re a member of the site! Happy Winnings!

See you all Saturday!!!

<3 Shelley

Oh how we all love the middle of the week….

Hey guys,

Soooo I haven’t been playing guitar as often as wanted 🙁 I’ve been too busy being a nerd since midterms are here to stay for a while! Oh, and going to prac attack of course 🙂 I mean running practice, which I just started running again today since
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