Featured February Artist – Rachel Brown

An awesome video with a very catchy song. Rachel sings so well and this young couple is beautiful. This song is great for Valentines Day and has been a popular choice for a number of commercials lately.

Check out Bumblebee by Rachel Brown below. Don’t forget to comment if you like the video or have any suggestions for our March featured artist.

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November Featured Artist: Evanescence

Yes, I do realize Evanescence is from the 90’s (known albums in the 2000’s), but who doesn’t love the 90’s??? I still love their song “My Immortal.” The band is still listed as a top 5 choice of female-lead bands on a number of lists. Their newest album “Evanescence,” was released in late 2011 and the band has been touring since.

Don’t forget to check out Evanescence’s newest album. The song, “My Heart is Broken,” was played on the radio back in October 2011 so you may recognize it. As of now, Evanescence can mainly be seen playing in Europe and other countries, leaving United States fans just that brief stint from July to September to see Evanescence (which is long gone now). The band will be reportedly taking another break.

Fun fact: Did you know that Ben Moody, the former lead guitarist, had originally wrote My Immortal? Amy Lee, the lead singer, helped him edit it though. The song is what made the producer at their (then) record label want to sign them. Told you it was a great song 🙂

On another note, while Evanescence fell off the music train for a while there, Flyleaf emerged. What do you think about Flyleaf’s sound in comparison to Evanescence?

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October Featured Artist of the Month – Fly Leaf

Octobers Band of the month is Fly Leaf. This band rocks. If you have not seen hardcore Christian female vocalist before, check out this video and prepare to be awed.

Featured Artist of the Month – Skillet

Hey Almost Dawn Kids. This week Shelley has been super busy working on lyrics, going to vocal lessons and oh yeah … work :(. I decided I would pick up the slack and write about the featured artist of the month for September. This month I would like to introduce a great little band named Skillet. The band features a male singer who is backed by two female vocalist. Their sound is great and my favorite is one called Hero (video below).

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Warped Tour 2012 (Irvine)

Hey Sunshine(s)!

We’ve been gone for a while, quite busy actually, but I wanted to update you on the band (obvi) and other events, as you can tell from the title. I attended the Warped tour this summer in Irvine and I loved the line up! I went to the San Diego location last year just to see Paramore, but there were a lot of screamo bands (which I’m not a big fan of or my band would be a screamo band… just sayin). Anyway, I went to Warped Tour and due to traffic I ended up missing Mayday Parade and All Time Low 🙁 big bummer I know…. but I did get to see these guys:

One of the biggest crowds (besides New Found Glory and Taking Back Sunday)! People lovin’ We the Kings!

Hadn’t heard them till Warped Tour but lemme tell you those Brits are amazing!!!

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Almost Dawn is Back!!

Hey all!

Alternative Rock Concert Almost DawnWe’ve been absent from the music scene for a while but just played a show Saturday in Huntington Beach for MADD Roller Derby… and lemme tell you those girls can hit! They were slide tackling… in roller skates! Pretty intense stuff if you ask me! They were super entertaining and great for helping out an amazing charity like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  We played our normal set consisting of: 27 Dresses, Cinderella, Cry Out, Leaving, Fallen Asleep, Blameless, and a cover of Dramarama’s “Anything Anything.”  The cover was a big crowd pleaser so come out to our next show (hopefully in this month of June) and check us out!

On the song creating side of things… we’re looking to finish our new song and title it this Thursday!! Be prepared for it at our next show! Anddd… since everyone seems to loooove our cover of Dramarama, we’re gonna work on 3 new covers this week and hopefully another new one each week! We’re trying to give the people (you) what they want so give us any suggestions on what covers you would like to hear!!

Here are a few photo highlights from the show:

Chris Foerster Guitar PlayerChino DrummerJean-Cluade Bass PlayerShelley Foerster Singer

And don’t forget to check out some of our music live from the Roller Derby event on Youtube on our almostdawn channel @ http://www.youtube.com/user/almostdawn!!!

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Memorial Day Weekend!!

Hey all!

I’m sure everyone is as excited as I am to have a 3 day weekend!! But let’s not forget what the real purpose of this weekend is.  Take a moment to honor the troops/veterans who fought for our lives and the good of the nation! It takes a brave soldier to go into battle to protect the lives of millions of people back home.  Their sacrifices will not be forgetten <3

On a lighter note, our band is in full swing with Chino as our Almost Dawn drummer! Don’t forget about our concert for MADD on the second of June! There will also be roller derby to enjoy and I heard that two of the girls from the Roller Derby movie are going to be making an appearance! (they’re professional rolly derby girls!!) So come out and enjoy some tunes while watching some awesome competition on the rink!  Our band is preparing a new cover too so don’t miss out!!

If  you haven’t noticed, I’ve been highlighting bands I like, some well known, some not.  I am going to continue doing that unless you guys object? Lemme know what you think? Sooo… without further ado..

Highlight band of the weekend: The Lost Colors
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Megan and Liz

Hey guys happy Thursday! One more day till Memorial Weekend!!  It’s also band practice day! We’ve got JC coming over and a new drummer to play our MADD show on June 2nd at 3pm in Huntington Beach!! (check out our Facebook for more information ;] ) Anddd I’m finally getting over my illness so I should be good to sing at the show! We can’t wait to perform for everyone it’s been a while!!

Featured Band

I’ve been listening to an up and coming duo called Megan and Liz. Megan and Liz

They are fraternal twins and have amazing voices and harmonize well together!  Two of my favorite covers are of the songs “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes and “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato.  All of their covers and originals are free to listen to on youtube.  They just recently came out with a new EP titled This Time that contains 6 of their previously released singles.  They also have a beauty station on youtube to help girls become more confident everywhere.  They’re into poppy feel good songs and bank a lot on the catchiness of their songs.  You can tell the resemblance between their tunes and their idol Taylor Swift.
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One Direction

One Direction

Yes, I know I am entirely too old to be in love with these teenie boppers butttt….I’m sure you’ve heard their song “What Makes You Beautiful”??? You haven’t?? Where have you been?  Okay I know they are from Britain… but that really is no excuse.. They’re like a rejuvenation of the wholesome boy bands of the 90s… take a look!  I can’t help but be a fan of music-type groups who resemble the ones I grew up with!!!

So maybe the haircuts are a little different and the boys in the top picture have a few years on the teens in the bottom picture, but all I see is boy band goodness!
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List of Top Alternative Rock Bands

In no specific order, I have a list of the top alternative rock bands that you should check out. If you have any suggestions please leave your comment below as I do update this post.

30 Seconds to Mars
12 Stones
Age of Chance
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